30262 Crown Valley Pkwy, Ste. B-400
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

The Massimino Company is building a private healthcare solution for serious and chronic behavioral conditions such as:

A) Treatment resistant and/or treatment defiant psychosis with/without substance abuse,

B) Autism spectrum disorders, and other disabling psychiatric illnesses.

Company Divisions:

1)Applied Integrated Therapies (AIT)(c) - Clinical services providing comprehensive/integrated care utilizing the John Henry Model(c) and Individual Treatment Contract (c) http://recoverymodel.com/id7.html   http://appliedintegratedtherapies.com 

2) HOPE (Housing Options-Permanent Environments) - Residential Services offering the full continuum of housing needs from transitional treatment to permanent independent living. Ownership and management is under control of the  company.

3) FOCA (Facilities Operations-Compliance Assurance) - Public/Private interface concerns are managed by this division to assure compliance while retaining company adherence to best interest clinical decisions at all times.

4) We ACT (We-Advocate Clear Thinking) - Legal services primarily defending the right to treatment concept and offering estate planning and any other legal needs specific to best patient care.

By utilizing the copyright protected comprehensive and integrated mental health care system of "The John Henry Model"(c), any residential setting can secure symptom control and begin the process of genuine long term stabilization and growth. Please see the following website as an introduction to our philosophy as we build this private solution to serious psychiatric illness. http://www.recoverymodel.com/index.html


If you would like to contact the Founder and C.E.O. of the company:

J.H. Rick Massimino M.D.

(cell) 949-413-7315

 or by e-mail at  jmassimino1c@gmail.com